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Prowise Learn contains several online exercises for primary and secondary education.

The exercises, which students can use independently of your lesson material, are fully adaptive. So all students automatically work at their own level of proficiency and make good progress.

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Prowise Learn  Prowise Learn 
Learning with attention, where every pupil counts
Login to Prowise Learn and improve math skills in a fun and playful way. The environment is suitable for primary and secondary education. Login to Prowise Learn and improve math skills in a fun and playful way. The environment is suitable for primary and secondary education.


Login to Prowise Learn and improve math skills in a fun and playful way.
Prowise Learn adaptive software for maths Prowise Learn adaptive software for maths

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Prowise Learn adaptive software for maths
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Prowise Learn adaptiviteit Prowise Learn adaptiviteit

Adaptive and smart

Because of the smart and adaptive Prowise Learn software, all students in class follow their own learning pathways and always achieve success.

We use an innovative adaptive system that has been developed by the University of Amsterdam. This system automatically adjusts the difficulty of maths exercises to the ability level of a user.

All users, from beginners to advanced, receive items matched to their ability level. 

Prowise Learn Prowise Learn

Playfully exercise your math skills

Improve math abilities in a motivating and fun way in a playful online environment for students to practice maths at their own level.

The environment contains a broad range of exercises making it suitable for primary school children from the age of four right through primary and even into secondary education.

Learning becomes more fun, efficient and challenging.

Prowise Learn Prowise Learn

For children

Custom-made exercises are stimulating and increase learning effectiveness, motivation and success!

  • They practise independently at school and at home
  • The exercises are integrated in a fun virtual world, fully aligned with their level of proficiency
  • Pupils can view their results through their own digital progress card
Prowise Learn Prowise Learn

For teachers

Saves time and provides insight in the results of the learning process and mastery of the learning objectives.

  • A monitoring system that continuously measures and monitors in real time and determines the appropriate level foreach pupil.
  • A dashboard immediately shows level of dedication and results.
  • Helpful for diagnosis and providing targeted teaching.

Correcting, administering tests and printing out exercise sheets is no longer necessary.

Smarter and more enjoyable

Prowise Learn was created in 2009 at the University of Amsterdam driven by the simple idea that learning can be made smarter and more enjoyable. Currently, over 20,000 schools, 450,000 teachers and students and hundreds of companies in over 21 countries use the solutions offered by Prowise.

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Mark Redding Partner Manager
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