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The safe interactive whiteboard (IWB) selection guide

30 October 2020
Privacy and security, Prowise Touchscreen Ten

A touchscreen plays a crucial role in the classroom. As a school, you want to safeguard your privacy and security, since teachers and pupils work with the touchscreen every day. With this selection guide you choose the right option for you.

  1. Under own management
    Carefully check whether the supplier you buy your touchscreen from has developed their hardware and software under own management. You want to prevent that personal data is distributed to external parties or institutions, increasing the risk of data leaks.
  2. Strict European regulations
    Make sure that your touchscreen (and the supplier) comply with the strict European and international regulations in terms of product development, privacy and security.
  3. Safe app store
    Many touchscreens have the possibility of downloading apps. Carefully check how safe the app store is. A large public app store might seem beneficial, but contains more risks than you might think. What does the supplier do to keep out malware and spyware? Does the store contain apps that are inappropriate for children?
  4. Software updates
    Suppliers send (or claim to send) software updates for the touchscreen reasonably regularly. This is often over the internet, so called OTA updates. Is this conducted safely though secured channels and own servers? Always carefully check whether certain ports are open (for instance port 80) while an update is being conducted to help prevent data leaks.
  5. Certifications
    Thoroughly check how the company that you buy your touchscreen from handles the international privacy legislation and regulation. Is the company ISO and CIPP/E certified or Privacy Verified? Do they allow external software audits and ethical hackers? Make sure you have the burden of proof. Blind trust can cause a security threat.
  6. Privacy cover
    Is the screen equipped with a webcam? Carefully check whether the camera can be covered with the privacy cover. Make sure to inform the end user about this too. This way you can be sure no one is looking in without your knowledge or permission.
  7. General safety
    Check the general safety measures of the touchscreen. Does it have special safety glass and a robust casing? Don’t forget to check the lift system. Choose a lift that has an automatic break or freeze mechanism if for instance a pupil passes under it.
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