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Educational innovator Prowise conquers German market

29 October 2020
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Brainport Eindhoven – Digital learning materials from the educational innovator Prowise are conquering the hearts of teachers and students throughout Germany. Especially now that digital education has taken a permanent place in our society. With the recently awarded 10 million tender, schools and government bodies in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt will be added to this in four years. 

The market leader in the Dutch education sector has successfully focused on the German market since 2011. Schools, companies and government bodies are rapidly digitising with the support of the national government. In terms of advice, infrastructure, hardware, software, installation, training, warranty, service and data security, federal states can rely on a single, reliable point of contact that offers all these elements in-house. The educational products in the Brainport Eindhoven region are developed entirely in-house (according to the highest privacy and quality requirements) and can thus be offered at a very distinctive price. This disruptive and unique approach also scores well in Germany. 

KID Magdeburg
The state of Saxony-Anhalt is located in central Germany and has about 2.2 million inhabitants. The municipal service provider KID Magdeburg provides the IT for the 85 KITU members in Saxony-Anhalt.On behalf of these parties, KID Magdeburg was looking for the best provider to supply, install and service digital learning resources such as touchscreens. After an intensive tendering process, the choice finally fell on the Prowise solutions. 

Long term
Prowise is expected to deliver around 1,000 touchscreens per year to the German state over the next four years, accounting for an estimated turnover of 10 million. The 68 schools located in this state will switch from the usual ‘chalkboard’ to digital learning tools such as the Prowise Touchscreen. The project involves a lot more than just the supply of hardware. Prowise takes users by the hand and provides various training and inspiration sessions to get them off to a good start with the new digital possibilities. This is even more important now that, for example, remote teaching has become an essential aspect of education due to COVID-19. 

Choice of vision
“We are of course enormously proud that an entire German federal state has chosen our Prowise solution. At the same time, we are not surprised because our products are truly distinctive in the market and therefore also in Germany. KID Magdeburg also consciously chooses our philosophy and vision on behalf of Saxony-Anhalt. An example of this is how we as Prowise deal with privacy-sensitive information, software updates, warranty conditions, training opportunities and service agreements” says Prowise director Erik Neeskens. 


Sachsen-Anhalt digitalisiert mit Prowise Sachsen-Anhalt digitalisiert mit Prowise
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